Discussion about " How to create a form/survey that links back to ATS Candidate Data"

As a talent acquisition employee in a startup Venture Capital company, I’d like to send out a survey Form based on existing data in Airtable. The objective for this is to obtain feedback from people that applied for a job at the company where I work but opted not to pursue the job application or offer. To provide more information, I have more than one table—records and views are included in each—everything is in one Base—and I’d like to know if there is any way I can manipulate the tables that I’ve already made. The goal is to have information from the ATS Software in Airtable too. Similarly, if there is any chance you could assist me with the formulas and “prefill_”. I’m still baffled as to how to play with them. Julian, thank you very much! -I do enjoy watching your videos.

Hi J, welcome to the forum! I’m going to break your question down into two parts:

  1. Updating an existing record in Airtable
  2. How to prefill the information from that existing record

For the first part, I actually made a video how to do this: Use a form to update an existing record in Airtable. Basically, when you fill out a form, it creates a new record. So in order to update an existing record, your form needs to know how to connect the info back to that existing record, and then you need an automation that actually copies and pastes that info into the existing record. So, for example, you have a table of job applications. You want to update a field (column) in the job application after the fact where the applicant can rate the application process from 1-10. This process will allow you to collect that info and automatically write it to that job application record.

For the second part, prefilling values, I recommend using this Airtable extension. Using the extension, you can specify the form that you’re filling out and the values that you want to use to prefill (which come from the existing record). If it’s helpful, you can watch me use the extension in this video (the link will bring you to the part where I talk about it): How to set up Prefilled and Hidden form fields in Airtable.

Try out those steps and if you run into any problems, take a couple screenshots and reply in this thread :slight_smile:

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Julian, thank you! the information that you provided was very helpful and I will definitely keep that in mind. Taking screenshots is a very smart idea.

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