Complete Guide to Forms: 3 Templates

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In this thread, you can ask questions and discuss the templates. If you ask a question, you’ll hear from me! Download the templates below.

The Video:

The Hiring Template:

The Creative Requests Template:

The Expense Reimbursements Template:

Hi, great video, thank you so much.
When I embed a Airtable list (one column only), there are Airtable conrols at the bottom and a cookie request ist shown as overly on the list. Anything i con do to prevent this?
The controls parameter is off in the embed string ( i use // instead of 1st “<” and last “>” ):

//iframe class=“airtable-embed” src=“” frameborder=“0” onmousewheel=“” width=“100%” height=“533” style=“background: transparent; border: 1px solid #ccc;”></iframe\

Hi @frawidi , Unfortunately this seems to be a recent change that Airtable made and you are not alone in finding it frustrating. Here’s a quote that another user got from Airtable support (I’ll link the source below as well):

I’m sorry for any confusion here! This popup is actually part of standard embedded/public share link behavior as of now—it’s a feature that was implemented by our team not long ago and is still in its early stages of impact assessment. I cannot say that any changes are coming to address this behavior yet, but your feedback goes a long way toward that, so rest assured I’ve made this known to the team behind the prompt for consideration, and thank you for making it known to us.

If I have any updates on this I’ll be sure to write you back. It is worth noting two things here: if the user clicks [x] to exit the popup, it should not appear again for a while, and if the user is logged into Airtable, the prompt will not appear at all. If either of these don’t work as intended let me know so that I can report it. Thanks again!

Here’s the thread where other users are talking about it, and where the above text came from. It’s probably useful to add your voice there so that Airtable knows this is something that you care about. Here’s the official cookie policy they’ve shared.