Birthday Reminders

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In this thread, you can ask questions and discuss the template. If you ask a question, you’ll hear from me! Download the template below.

The template:

The Video:

is it possible to add pictures on the email sent?

Hi Theresa! Welcome to the community. Yes, you can absolutely do this. Create a new field in the ‘Birthdays’ table and make it an ‘Attachment’ field type. In this example, I’ll call the new field ‘Picture’.

This will allow you to drag pictures into the cells in that column. Then in the email automation, under the email message, there is a heading that says attachments with a blue plus. Click that and choose your Picture field. Then the picture will be included in your automated email.

it is not showing the picture instead it is showing as a link

Screenshot 2023-10-24 110450

Ah, I gave you the wrong location. I have updated the post above with the correct instructions - the attachment doesn’t go in the body, but in the attachments field below it!

it is still the same, no difference

Hmm it works when I test my version. I’d guess that it’s because the automation hasn’t updated, or because the test record hasn’t been updated. How did you test it? Can you share any screenshots of the automation and the resulting email?